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Interview: Joe Preston, Mayor of St. Thomas

Joe Preston was elected Mayor of St. Thomas in the October 22nd municipal election with a total of 3,731 votes, defeating the incumbent, Heather Jackson (3,189 votes) and two other challengers, Steve Wookey (2949 votes) and Malichi Malé (338 votes). With four candidates in the running, there was not going to be a landslide, but the margin of victory was still decisive.

What the Folk?

Municipal politics may be significant to our day-to-day lives, but it is common to find that the voter turnout rate in municipal elections is well under fifty percent. Why is this the case?

Meet the Makers 2018

Give credit to the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce: in 2017, the organization took a leap to launch a new event called Meet the Makers, a single-day showcase designed to highlight all the people who make things in the community.